Online “G” Coaching Course and Future Advances in Online Sport Teaching

It has taken years and thousands of hours of work, but we are finally able to offer our online “G” Course to all interested coaches.

This thought was born out of our knowledge that people with busy lives often have a difficult time taking a weekend day or weekday night away from their family to take a live course. Creating this course is our effort to make coach education an easy process for all coaches. Players, too, will benefit from this course, as educated coaches tend to make practice both more fun and more beneficial for players. We hope this endeavor proves helpful to many and serves to fulfill our mission of promoting soccer throughout this state.

Online education is an ever-growing field and one we have seen become commonplace at both Harvard and MIT. It only makes sense for us to use the technology today to further sport development as well. This is the first of many future projects. The framework for this course can host multiple other educational endeavors, and I seek out your suggestions for need areas you see in your soccer experience.

One need we see currently is for further education on technical matters. Perhaps by using video and online interaction, we can help coaches teach technique and better identify technical breakdowns! Areas such as first aid, developing a practice plan, coaching methodology and many more could be easily taught through online means. Online courses could also be used as refresher bits between licenses. The ideas are many and would allow us to make coaching education more of a consistent theme in our town organizations and clubs.

Rather than looking at coursework as something as you do once a year or every few years, can we use this technology to make coaching education a seasonal event? We will be looking to hold webinars in the coming year — is this something of interest?

Do you have other ideas?

Just as we coaches can benefit from online education, we can use the technology today to train our teams. Could your players see the training session before practice? Evidence shows this has a significant effect on increased performance in practice. Could you hold a virtual practice in an online setting to discuss that practice or games, or break down game tape of your own? The beauty of the online world is that we can now do this without adding driving time and without renting a room. There is obviously great benefit to team meetings and face-to-face collaborative meetings, but taking advantage of such technological advances can help us all with better soccer education and less administrative hassles.

If you have any ideas that you would like the state to consider, or would like to simply brainstorm for your own town or club, please do. We hope you find this course a significant first step into this online world, and one that we hope benefits many!