Special Offers From Mass Youth Soccer!

Fundraise With Sports Photo Balls!

Sports Photo Balls of Cape Cod wants to give back. We offer high-end products with an endless market for sales and fundraising possibilities. High-quality, high-quantity, big profit — everyone wins!

Our company prints your photographs of your team or player on specially made large or mini soccer balls. Your league receives 37% of the profits of all sales — we even pay the sales tax!

The service we provide is cost-effective and with only a minimal commitment. We can print one ball or 1,001 balls; it depends on what your league needs.

We are excited to be a part of Mass Youth Soccer, and their continued development of young athletes!

For more information, contact Steve Quinn at 774-836-2587 or sportsphotoballscc@comcast.net. We’d love to help!

Partnership With Human Kinetics Brings Top Health and Training Information to Mass Youth Soccer!

Good news! Massachusetts Youth Soccer has entered into a partnership with Human Kinetics (HK), the premier publisher for sports and fitness, to offer MYS members some of the best soccer training resources available. Improve team and player performance with such books as, Coaching Youth Soccer, Soccer Practice Games, Youth Soccer Drills, Soccer Skills & Drills, and much more.

What’s better, you can purchase these products at an MYS member discount of 20 percent! To receive the MYS discount, simply click here and enter your member code of K260 when completing your online order — you'll automatically receive a 20-percent discount on almost everything you order (sorry, online courses produced in the ASEP or Distance Education divisions are excluded from this offer).

Stay tuned to future issues of this newsletter to learn more about the quality and affordable products available to aid you in putting skilled and enthusiastic young players on the pitch!